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The Jaseman Collection

This is a long-term project where I am aiming to create 100 LEGO models using only the 700+ parts from the original Classic Space sets (1978-1987).


S01 Pursuit Immobiliser

S02 Bluebird / Blackbird

S03 Scout Patroller

S04 Eagle

S05 Supply Freighter

S06 Refueller

S07 Xavier

S08 Athena Shuttle Craft

S09 Executive Cruiser

S10 Marauder

S11 Icarus

S12 Stealth Fighter

S13 Pre-Millennium Falcon

S14 Vigilante

S15 X-Wing

S16 Robot Deployment Ship

S17 Scorpio

S18 Hover Speeder

S19 J's Speeder

S20 Liberator Unmanned Defence Ship

S21 TIE Fighter

S22 TIE Interceptor

S23 Mini Ship

S24 Viper

S25 Explorer


R01 Buggy

R02 Tanker

R03 Rocket Transporter

R04 Mobile Communication Rover

R05 Ground Survey Vehicle

R06 Billy Starbeam Buggy

R07 Dune Bug

R08 Mobile Solar Collector

R09 Monorail

R10 Heavy Lifter

R11 Supply Transporter

R12 Armoured Tank

R13 Space Truck

R14 Bulldozer

R15 Terrain Explorer

R16 Breakdown Recovery Vehicle

R17 Moon Ambulance

R18 Racer

R19 Vigilante Snow Tank

R20 Mini-rocket Launcher

R21 Monster Buggy

R22 Carrier

R23 Water Tanker

R24 Mobile Cannon

R25 Cherry Picker


B01 Sleep Module

B02 Rocket Launch Pad

B03 Moonbase

B04 Modular Defence Wall

B05 Dining Module

B06 Hangar

B07 Medical Centre

B08 Laboratory

B09 Golden Eagle Stadium

B10 Hyper Tower

B11 Hydroponic Complex

B12 Vehicle Repair Workshop

B13 Atomic Converter / Vigilante HQ

B14 Floors and Terrain

B15 Flight Training School

B16 Robot Factory

B17 Server Room

B18 Fuelling Station

B19 Solar Array

B20 Observatory

B21 Theatre

B22 Scene Backdrop Back Wall

B23 Computer Centre

B24 Supply Station

B25 Corridor


M01 Large Claw Exo

M02 Ground Defence Laser Cannon

M03 Walker

M04 Moonstalker II

M05 Giant Astronaut

M06 Grab Arm

M07 Robot Charging Chamber

M08 Computer Terminal Post

M09 Force Shield Generator

M10 Giant Exo

M11 Robot Work Squad

M12 Household Items

M13 Shelter

M14 Storage Box

M15 High Antenna

M16 Raised Platform

M17 Table

M18 Sword

M19 Steps / Stairs

M20 Blue Falcon Ship Building Service Logo

M21 Golden Eagle Group Logo

M22 Lifesize Jaseman

M23 Helmet

M24 Head Sculptures

M25 Missile Launcher

Jaseman's Lair

This story is set directly after the events of the book 'The Unknown Galaxy' and follows the adventures of Jaseman - An IT Technician who has gone AWOL from the giant Zonian spaceship 'Spearhead'. During his exploration of planet Robus he befriends a robot called Tonto and together they build a lair as a base to fight the evil tyrrant 'Kazak'.

Celestial Orbit Issue 1 - Spring 2018 Celestial Orbit Issue 2 - Summer 2018 CELESTIAL ORBIT MAGAZINE

A 24-page magazine aimed at Classic Space Lego collectors and enthusiasts.

The magazine includes MOC reviews, set reviews, building tips, suggestions for use of elements and a comic strip story all photographed using Classic Space LEGO.

Legoland Space System - A book by Jason Davies

Currently in draft - this is a free to all - royalty free book that I'm putting together.

Pages are 1920x1200 pixel .PNG images. I am happy for others to collaborate on it - so feel free to take a copy of the pages - edit it them if you think you can improve and send the results back to me... If I like what you have submitted - I will use it. Be aware that your contributions may be edited by others and anything you submit is open and non-copyright. Do not submit content made by others without their permission.

Legoland Space System Book

Beta II Command Base

Some of my MOC photos


I run a group on Facebook dedicated to building models using only parts from the Classic Space sets.

I post updates to my 'Jaseman Collection' project here as well as other Classic Space content.


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